Academic Excellence

  • Co- education
  • Holistic, integrated, Interesting, Child centric curriculum and methodology
  • Stress free, result oriented scientific instructional practice programmes
  • Empowered with Qualified & efficient teachers with perfect blend of knowledge, quality, culture & patience
  • An environment rich in possibilities that encourages ,explore, inquiry, problem solving skills and enhanced with innovative teaching & learning aids
  • Enables and encourage every student the opportunity to participate in various National/state level talent exams or
    competitions for their exposure to the greater competitive world.
  • Enrichment classes for the brighter ones
  • Personalized guidance and counselling for slow learners
  • Ideal academic environment ratio 1:25
  • Co-curricular activities, Educational field trips and excursions for all age group children
  • Career based- MAT, Abacus, ABCD (Assessment on Basic Concepts & Definitions) and IIT-JEE/NEET Foundation
    courses …right from schooling.
  • Awards & certificates.

Day care :
( Age Group 1½ yrs to 2½ yrs )

  • Programme designed with the embodiment of vitality, combining a perfect balance of learning, playing and fitness.
  •  Real time mobile updates
  •  State of the art day care facility
  •  Enriching & stimulating surroundings
  • Individual attention.
  •  Pleasing décor with the highest safety standards
  • Focus on Fine & Gross motor skills

Pre- primary (Kidz programme) :
(Nursery, PPI & PPII)

  • Playful learning method
  • Stimulate the innate curiosity of children through innovative, creative, conceptual learning methods
  • Sensorial material to enhance and develop all their senses
  • Cognitive, emotional, social & physical development through role play
  • Literacy and numeracy with well-defined and crafted learning aids
    o Focus on LSRW skills

Primary (Champz programme ) :
(Grade from 1 to 5 )

  • Activity based learning method
  • Blending knowledge with practical experience
  • Aims to empower students by strengthening their Conceptual understanding
  • Encourages self-paced & independent learning
  • 1+2 system of academics to ensure that every teaching period is followed by digital & lab activity
  • Competitive exams exposure from class 4
    o Sports & co-curricular activities

High school (Olympiadz Programme) :
( Grade from 6 to 8) upgrade to 10

  • Career oriented learning method
  • Quality & quantity teaching syllabus in time
  • Integrated curriculum an unique blend of CBSE, ICSE & State board with guest lectures, field trips and project works
  • Quality study material for integrated, MAT, IIT-JEE & NEET foundation
  • 1+2 system of academics to ensure that every teaching period is followed by digital &practice period for core subjects
    Maths ,Physics & Chemistry.
  • An ‘sms’ update with marks and ranks sent to the parents promptly.
  • Equal importance to sports & co-curricular activities

Assessments and Analysis

  • ABCD programme weekly once (Objective)
  • Assessment on LSRW skills from kindergarten
  • Bi-weekly MAT/ IIT-JEE/NEET foundation programme (Objective)
  • Periodic test, Formative Assessment & Summative Assessment (Descriptive)
  • Identification &Rectification program – Error list
  • Question /subject /student wise regular analysis done for better academic improvement.
  • Clear and up-to-date records of student progress

Focus On Learning out Comes

  • Effective communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Relationship building
  • Self-awareness
  • Social and personal development
  • Problem solving
  • Reading and writing
  • Decision making
    o Fine Arts & craft


  •  Literary club
  • Cultural club
  • Math club
  • Arts club
  • Environmental club
  • Sports club