“ if desire your child to blossom like a rose, then prefer your child to join LBIPS.”
“ A Good school for your child can be decided only when You stop searching for a better one than LBIPS.”


‘ L ‘      …     Lift up your child spirits and skills.

‘B’        …     Blossom your child like a Rose.

‘I’         …      ncrease your child Strengths and Talent.

 ‘P’        …     Portrait your child of a future Leader.

 ‘S’        …      Set up your child to be a good intellectual.          


We believe every child is unique and needs individual attention to help channelize their energies.  We focus individually on each child’s strengths and develop the inherent talent.

We cater to the children with different dominant intelligence through our Multi-sensorial lesson plans.

LITTLE BUDDIES  are a bunch of adorable beings.  Although they are cute and innocent, they can be really wild sometimes.  Parents need to draw a fine line between what is good behaviour and bad behaviour.  Good manners are like jewels on a growing child.  The more they have, the better individuals they become.

Children need be taught good manners, so their survival in the environment outside remains safe guarded.  As parents, you would never want the phrase  —  “ Please keep your child in control “  said to you. So, it is important to ensure your child joins in a good school to cherish your child and let your child be cherished.


Reasons to prefer LBIPS compared to other schools on the following Key Parameters :