St.Xavier’s Convent School is a very special place for children where they come happily and learn a lot. It has maintained its standard of excellence. Every part of it is a valuable arena of learning and a sense of balance permeates in every aspect of life. It has a very colourful & child friendly environment.
The Thematic System provides learning by doing, step by step. It stimulates and satisfies a child’s curiosity and enlarges the child’s mental horizon.

The child is welcome to join Shemrock as per the following age group:
Play Group 2 +
Mont I (Nursery) 2 & half +
Mont II (LKG) 3 & half+

The Fee Structure is standardized, with slight variations in some areas as per the facilities.

The School academic year is from Jan. to Dec. The admission may be granted during other months also, depending upon the availability of seats.
A Birth Certificate as a proof of age from the Civic Body is required at the time of Registration.
Two passport sized photographs are to be submitted at the time of Registration.

The specially designed colourful uniform is recommended. This tradition contributes a strong sense of community at the School with an added benefit of having a neat & well groomed child.

The efforts are made to keep it low to give them good care. The child and adult ratio normally is 10:1.

Specially designed Activity Books are used according to the age group of children. These are tailor made for concept development and are full of exciting activities for the children.

The St.Xavier’s Convent School activity based method as per the child’s age and environment is used to teach them. Our entire focus is on the child and all the activities go around him. These activities are not only to clarify the concepts but also to meet the various needs of the child such as refinement of senses, motor development & the development of Art & Dance at the same time. Multimedia systems are being used to enable the child to feel comfortable with computers. The specially designed website has become an integrated part of education for the children and information for the parents.